Branding Services for B2B Healthcare Companies 

Our brand strategy and design team have two decades of experience launching, building, and growing strong B2B healthcare brands. We can help refine your current brand identity or build you a new one that sets your company apart in the market.

The Power of Effective Branding

Your brand exemplifies your company’s distinctive culture and values. It’s also the first step toward establishing memorabilty and your reputation as a trusted industry leader. 

Build Trust:

Demonstrating that you have transparent and well-defined offerings is key to showing potential customers that you will be a reliable partner. 

Showcase Culture:

Potential buyers and employees alike want to know who you are before committing time and resources to work with you.

Share Values:

Being explicit about what your organization stands for, aligns with, and cares about can cultivate a strong, positive reputation in the market. 

Stay ‘Sticky’:

Your brand is what sets you apart at first glance. It’s also what will stay in people’s minds long after an interaction ends. 

Branding Services

A polished, consistent brand ensures your business leaves a great first (second, and third) impression. We can help you create a new brand or refresh your current one, making it shine across your digital and print marketing materials. 

Brand Strategy

We collaborate closely with your leadership to establish a brand plan that attracts the right audience, aligns with company objectives, and stands the test of time.

Brand Guidelines

Our experts construct clear, detailed directions for organizational voice, aesthetics, and approach to help your employees and vendors share a cohesive message.

Logo Design

We put together a suite of imagery—featuring logo variations—to represent your organization in a compelling, professional manner. 

Naming and Messaging

Work with us to distill your offering, purpose, and vision into concise, powerful language that resonates with your target audience. 

Brand Launch

We help you take your brand to the finish line by assembling the best mix of paid, organic, and PR tactics for your budget and goals. 


Time for a change? Our deep experience in refreshing and overhauling brand guidelines and management will help you successfully reintroduce your organization to the market.

Prospects approached us at tradeshows specifically because of our name, CareCulture. Slabtown developed a name and brand for us that fit who we are and met a unique need in the marketplace.

— Eugene Gicheru, MD, FACEP, MBA, Founding Partner of CareCulture

Our Branding Process

Our approach produces a high-quality brand that reflects your businesses unique value and resonates with your ideal customer.


We Identify Your Current State:

Based on a content audit and conversations with your team, we determine the strength of your current brand. If you have an existing brand, we evaluate what about it works well and what could benefit from a refresh. 


We Develop a Strategy:

We consider the history and goals of your brand and assess next steps. We work together to define the scope of your brand update.


We Create a Plan:

Based on your goals, we deliver a brand refresh timeline that showcases which aspects (logo, imagery, voice, and tone) of your brand we will work on. We will determine which materials can be edited and which will be net new. 



Our Expert Designers Get to Work:

Our experienced B2B graphic designers will create designs to reflect your new brand. We will work together through 2-3 revision rounds to define new brand elements your team loves. The result is a polished library of the brand assets you need to move forward with a fresh identity.

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