B2B Healthcare Sales and Marketing Strategy Consulting

Slabtown Marketing has two decades of experience helping B2B healthcare companies develop effective sales and marketing strategies that lead to measurable business growth.

How Our Growth Strategy Services Can Help your Business

We have dedicated twenty years to perfecting the complex art and science of healthcare marketing and sales strategy for the benefit of our partners. You can count on our best-practice recommendations, comprehensive plans, and ongoing support to sustainably grow your business.

Go to Market Proudly:

Showcase the best assets of your product or service.

Focus your Approach:

Tailor tactics to accomplish your unique goals.

Align Sales and Marketing Efforts:

Maximize ROI with cohesive efforts.

Attract More of the Leads You Want:

Pinpoint and appeal to your target customers. 

Strategic Consulting Services

The healthcare landscape changes quickly, but the industry innovates at a painfully slow pace. Gaining traction and driving growth in this type of market is a challenging task that requires a thoughtful, data-supported, experience-driven strategy.

Sales Strategy

We help you close deals by providing detailed buyer personas, compelling pitches, and clear value propositions.  

Marketing Strategy

Work with our experts to set measurable long- and short-term goals, to identify and highlight competitive advantage, and to engage potential customers.  

Go-to-Market Strategy

We pinpoint specific objectives and B2B-friendly tactics to successfully bring your new product or service to the market—or launch your existing offering into a new space.

Campaign Strategy

We organize a comprehensive, multichannel approach to achieve your set goal—complete with appealing success stories and compelling calls-to-action. 

Content Strategy

Collaborate with us to create impressive, effective healthcare content that showcases your expertise and furthers the impact of other marketing and sales tactics.

Brand Strategy

We increase your visibility, credibility, and market reach by building awareness, keeping your organization top-of-mind, and ensuring a consistently positive experience for your target customers.  

Fractional Marketing Leadership

We will help you plan, develop, and execute major projects with focused marketing management and extensive support to get your initiatives and sales and marketing teams up and running.  

Marketing Team Building

We can help you build a well-rounded, highly skilled marketing team with our diverse team of experts in everything from UI/UX to copywriting and brand launches to customer retention.  

Slabtown has helped us grow from one contract in our state to nine within two years by focusing our strategy and helping us develop effective outreach messaging. We think of Slabtown as part of our team

— Joann, Director of Business Development, Independent Physician Group

Our Growth Consulting Process

Our proven strategic approach focuses on your growth efforts, optimizes your marketing and sales dollars, and attracts more of the leads you want.  


We get to know your Why:

We uncover how you go here, what drives your business, and your vision for the future.


We Establish your Goals:

We help you define areas of your business to grow, who your ideal client is, and what your target audience(s) look like.  


We Get to Know your Team:

We interview stakeholders internally and externally to understand the value of your product/service and the market trends at play. 



We Build a Strategic Plan:

Based on a solid audit of your existing resources, we build a strategic plan that meets your business where it is at—whether you need a brand strategy and a website, a growth plan, and/or ongoing strategic guidance.

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