B2B Healthcare Graphic Design Services

Design matters in marketing. Everything from proposals and pitch decks to letterhead and business cards can leave a powerful first impression. Make sure every aspect of your marketing and communications is polished with our visual design services for healthcare companies.

The Power of Well-Designed Marketing

They say “a picture is worth a thousand words”—and that is critically true in marketing. Excellent design augments strong copy to create a truly compelling message.

Attract Attention:

Design brings your brand to life and makes it stand out in a sea of marketing efforts. 

Improve Conversions:

Strategic design choices can make the difference between a prospect being intrigued enough to act—or move on.

Convey Value:

Deploying elegant marketing design is the equivalent of “dressing for the job you want.” Use visual language to highlight your organizations’ values. 

Be Memorable:

Be the brand your prospects think of when they need a solution like yours. A well-designed marketing suite makes an impact and creates a lasting impression

Graphic Design Services   

Rely on our graphic designers, artists, and UX/UI professionals to design a suite of materials that will engage your audience, make a splash, and keep your business top of mind.   

Marketing and Sales Collateral

Move smoothly through the sales process with thoughtfully crafted materials, including brochures, videos, and outreach tools.

Proposals and Presentations

Complement succinct content with a design that tells your story. Proposals and presentations are often the first interaction executives have with your business—and we’ll make sure it is a great one.

Social Media Design

Social media platforms offer many options to promote your business in innovative ways—from carousels to video clips. Our B2B design experts craft custom graphic elements to make your business shine on social.

eBooks and Whitepapers

We take complex content from your subject matter experts and turn it into interactive, visually stimulating deliverables that you can leverage for years to come.

Case Studies

Our designers can augment your basic customer success stories with bold graphics, eye-catching imagery, and impactful metrics.

Lead Magnets

We craft attention-grabbing materials that illustrate your expertise, draw the right leads to your site, and grow your contact list.

Event Banners and Tradeshow Displays

We equip you with all the design elements (big and small) necessary to make conference attendees do a double take and stop by to learn more.

Promotional Materials

You’ve worked hard to build a great organization, now let us show you off! From table cards to one-pagers to manifestos, our designers can create just about anything you have in mind to effectively demonstrate the purpose and power of your business.

“Slabtown helped me create my brand for my consulting company that supports clinical leaders. They spent hours with me to build the best go-to-market message and helped with the design of the website and logo. I received a tremendous amount of positive feedback on the website and its content.

— Mitesh Patel, Founder at Saband Consulting

Our Design Process

Our approach produces high-quality visuals that reflect your business unique value and resonates with your ideal customer.


We Identify your Current State:

We determine whether you have a brand yet, and if so, what about it works well and what could benefit from a refresh.


We Develop a Strategy:

We consider the history and goals of your brand and assess your branding goals. We work together to define the scope of your brand update.


We Create a Plan:

Based on your branding goals, we deliver a brand update timeline that showcases which aspects of your brand we will update together and the materials that may need to be updated with that new branding.



Our Expert Designers Get to Work:

Our experienced B2B graphic designers will create designs to reflect your new brand and we will work together through 2-3 revision rounds to define new brand elements your team loves. The result is a polished library of the brand assets you need to move forward with a fresh identity.

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