B2B Healthcare Sales Enablement Services

We believe marketing is most effective when paired closely with sales. All of our marketing work is done with sales goals in mind. Put us to work as your sales leaders’ right hand to ensure they have the strategy, marketing materials, and campaigns they need, at every step of the sales funnel.

The Benefits of Aligning Marketing and Sales 

Marketing and sales teams have the same goals, but different metrics and approaches often lead to detrimental misalignment between departments. For example, 79% of marketing leads never convert due to a failure to nurture consumer connections. To maximize resources and drive the best outcomes, marketing and sales initiatives must be clear, collaborative, and well-coordinated.

Enhance Productivity:

Running two separate workflows toward the same objectives inevitably results in duplicative work and unnecessary spending. Breaking down siloes between teams saves time and money—and gets you to your goals faster.

Improve Buyer Experience:

Cross-functional teams bring twice the talent, ideas, and bandwidth to the table—improving the experience of your customer.

Demonstrate ROI:

Integrating sales and marketing allows both teams greater visibility into performance and impact. This is particularly important for marketing, where influence has historically been hard to track and prove.

Shorten Sales Cycle:

Buyers are taking a longer time to make expensive decisions—particularly in the healthcare industry where budgets have tightened over the last few years. Marketing and sales must work seamlessly together to prove value and convert prospects to wins in a more efficient manner.

I have known Jason and Laurel prior to the creation of Slabtown Marketing. Individually they were exceptional. When they created Slabtown Marketing, I pushed my group to use their services. Slabtown exceeded our expectations. The improved performance was instrumental in the group’s acquisition by a large multi-specialty physician group.

— Former COO at National Physician Group

Sales Enablement Services   

As selling situations become increasingly complex and noise gets harder to cut through, each day presents a new challenge to getting noticed and being chosen. Sales enablement is now less of an option and more of a necessity.

Marketing and Sales Strategy Alignment

We will get your sales and marketing teams on the same page. With shared goals and a united vision there is no deal you cannot win.  

Sales Outreach Campaigns

Decades of experience in B2B healthcare marketing means we know how your prospects think. We’ll help craft thoughtful outbound efforts, including LinkedIn messaging, call scripting, personalized email campaigns, and more.

Proposals and RFP Response Support

It’s hard to convey passion, keep attention, and communicate vision in a standard written document. Let us level up your proposals to showcase your value in a succinct, compelling manner.

Pitch Decks and Presentations

We have the tools and tactics you need to deliver an outstanding pitch. Whether you’re presenting to prospects virtually or inperson, we will make sure it’s an experience they remember.

Sales Literature

Need a quick solution overview to attach to sales emails? Want a sleek leave-behind for presentations? No matter what sales pieces you’ve got in mind, we’ve got you covered

Slabtown is so helpful supporting our sales process (above and beyond!) Thank goodness for Slabtown when we are finalizing our RFPs.

— Director of Business Development, Physician Staffing and Management Company

Our Process

When we work with sales teams, we check-in regularly and work in tandem to create, execute, and evaluate sales strategy ongoing basis.


We Establish Your Goals:

We define the areas of your business you want to grow, your ideal client, and your target audiences(s).


We Define Your Target Areas:

We focus your sales strategy by defining your most valuable audience segments, and the problems you solve for your clients.


We Build a Sales Strategy and Campaign Calendar:

Based on your sales strategy, we build a sales plan, including the channels, frequency, and specific targets your sales outreach efforts will cover.



Our Experts Get toWork:

Our team of expert B2B healthcare marketing experts will get to work preparing any content or materials needed to support your sales efforts whether that is a proposal, sales sheet, landing page, email campaign sequence, or call script.

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